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Static to Dynamic: Circle transforms habits and breaks new grounds

Updated: Apr 27

Everyday, thousands if not millions of people set out to accomplish something outside of their comfort zone — yearning to break new grounds. Though the ambition is present, most the time, action is not. These people are essentially divided into two categories: a static or dynamic individual.

The static individual is incapable of change. Although one might desire to take on a daunting feat, they are unable to execute effectively, leaving them in a constant static state — stuck in the mud.

The dynamic individual embraces change and captures all the characteristics of a person who has the ability to create change within their life and their surroundings.

Although the transformation from a static to dynamic mindset is one only the holder has the ability to do, there is no doubt that that person should have access to tools at their disposal to do so. In today’s society, people have become mesmerized by social media and feed off of dopamine released by the sound or sight of an Instagram notification.

To solve the issue of being a static individual, Circle had to dive deep into the semantics of this type of behavior. To do so, we identified a pain point (inability to achieve effectively), a common enemy (procrastination through social media and the internet), and a desire (success and approval).

Circle capitalizes on social media and social connections to enhance productivity throughout all domains of life, whether it be personal or professional. We believe that social incentive is one of the most effective methods of inducing a particular behavior, since social media is essentially becoming a form of social approval, inclusion, and status. This unique form of social media has the ability to transform a static individual to a dynamic individual simply through social incentive: witnessing other people achieve is motivating in one way or another.

Ultimately, Circle’s mission is to turn social media into an ally and change how the world views time spent on such platforms.

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